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VoD Monthly Storage 150Gb (*) 250Gb (*)
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Frequently asked questions:

Q:Is there any hardware we need to buy in order to stream?
A:It depends. If your company has done streaming before, you might have all you need. But if you are new to streaming, you might want to do some research to see what's the best encoding hardware and software you will need.
Q:What type of hardware and internet connection is recommended for streaming?
A:As a minimun requirement, we recommend a PC, running Windows XP with a processor Intel® Core™ i3- or greater(3MB Cache, 3.10GHz), 8Gb of RAM Memory, 1TB Harddrive (if planning to record your stream content.

For the Encoding hardware, we recommend a Digital Rapids DRC-500 video card(Avg cost $1,000) with the needed Flash Codec DRC AVC for Web (Cost $1,095).

Regarding the internet connection, you will need at least 10Mbps upload connection from your ISP provider along with an static IP address.
Q:What happens if we go over the monthly bandwith?
A: The cost is minimun. It is only $1.00 per extra Gigabyte used.

Accepted methods of payments:

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and ofcourse, PayPal.